Back to Working from Office or Keep at Home?

Ikhsan Bani Bukhori
2 min readAug 5, 2022


Pandemic times already changed working culture to work from home. It sounds good since working from office becomes media to spread covid-19 and by reducing to meet people, it can decrease virus spread.

After two years, it looks normal and some companies try to apply working from office again, of course by adjusting health protocol. Some people agree with this since they feel bored at home and some issues can’t be solved by online meeting.

Then, they are already affected by office ambience and they can work effectively by working from office. But some people already enjoy to work from home. That’s why hybrid work appears to combine both. For example, you work 2 days in office and remaining at home for a week. It sounds great?

Working from office

But, not everyone agree with hybrid and it depends on to the business potential. If it will give negative impact by working from home, then working from office should be applied and employees have to executed. If nothing impacted by keep working from home, then nothing changes.

If your company applies working from office, then you ask permission to work from home, or at least hybrid work. If permitted, then go on, but if not, then you may go out.

Remember, go out or make a resignation at this hard time means you have to find new one as soon as possible. Have a look at the condition and you may need more time to get new one. You choose stay or leave?

Again, which one your company choose? Working from office or keep at home?

As long as you work effectively and you can give the best result, enjoy everything.