Enjoy your travel by being a backpacker

Ikhsan Bani Bukhori
3 min readJul 11, 2022


When talking about traveling, there are 2 options, be a tourist or backpacker. If you choose to be tourist, means your journey is scheduled and you just need to follow it. Good for people who really want to relax without being confused of the trip. Sounds simple, doesn’t? What if you choose being a backpacker?

It becomes something amazing by being a backpacker. But you have to face so many challenges since it is quite different compared to being tourist. You can’t just relax but you should arrange the trip schedule, find cheap flight and so on. Looks a bit confusing?

If you are really being a backpacker, you must have a strong mentality. Without it, means nothing and you are better to stop your travel.

What should to do by being a backpacker?

Being a backpacker means you should find a cheap flight ticket at first. It differs you from tourist who doesn’t care about ticket price, as long as it is available, they just book.

But you should take a look at price and usually it needs more time to find. Even you find the cheap ticket at early morning or almost midnight. If you find so, prepare yourself for example you sleep at airport to avoid being late, normal for backpacker. There are a lot of promo but you should find slowly.

After getting cheap flight, find accommodation soon. Being a backpacker means you should keep thinking about what to do next. Sometimes there are promo prices for hotel, hostel or dormitory. Usually a backpacker keeps away hotel since it is costly. Staying in hostel or dormitory gives you chance to interact with fellow backpackers. Trust me it works!

Afterwards, you may find out about the place you want to visit. Remember, being a backpacker gives you freedom to visit anywhere. You should find by yourself. Usually you find out place with cheap entrance ticket. But it is okay to pay at normal price.

Being a backpacker gives you chance to enjoy your life, be thankful for anything and be happy of course. Perhaps you complain once by feeling annoyed. It is ok but get up quickly. Because if you are still on bad mood, your trip will be ruined. Don’t you want to be like that, do you?

If quoting wise words, try, fall and try again, means you are allowed to fall. But you should get up to try again. It happens in whole life actually, not only in travel world. Apply here will be useful.

Waiting for the train

Remember, being a backpacker also gives you chance to open your mind, learn new language, find new people and new place you never been, and many more. The most important is to empty your glass because you should and will learn something new. It must be useful.

So, are you interested to be a backpacker?

Let’s go!