How to adapt working in Start-up?

Currently, it becomes popular for many people to work in Start-up. It looks good because so many benefits await them if they are accepted as the employee. But, it also goes back to them while working in Start-up. How can they adapt working in somewhere new? Literally new and different.

Talking about working in Start-up means you can use casual dress, working in flexible time and many more. It sounds good, especially when you comes from corporate or governmental area to join as Start-up fighter.

Besides those good points, there are several things need to understand and apply, so people can adapt working in Start-up easily.

First, prepare to work more than 9 hours in a day. What does it mean? You work in flexible time means can work more than or less than 9 hours. But it is better to prepare more than, since working in Start-up presses you to be ready whenever in need.

Not only the hours, even in your day-off, you should bring laptop or at least online at phone to answer what your supervisor asking. It means, you can’t be totally free. Sounds frightening? That is it, but if there is nothing, you can enjoy yourself to do something else.

Next is about idea. You should be creative to share your ideas and finally it is to solve the problem. There is no certain method to fix, that is why you can try something called A/B Testing, try anything that has possibility. Besides it also proves that you are eligible to work in Start-up. Simple ideas are enough, no need to share complicated one.

Then, should think quickly for any change. Remember, working in Start-up means you are in very dynamic ambience and you have to take fast response for anything happens.

Finally, what do you think? Are you ready to adapt working in Start-up? Adapting and surviving then you enjoy for anything you already fight for. Currently and perhaps in the future, Start-up will be much more popular. If you already start working here, means you make great choice.




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