Ready to be Laid Off but Keep Giving The Best

Working in Startup gives you a lot of things to explore and grow yourself. Starting from you can develop your idea to solve the problem or even to create a project, until you can do a bit tricky when something usual do fails. Sounds great, especially you are young generation and always want to face new challenge.

Besides, you have a chance to be close to your supervisor, even with your C-level, since there are no complicated bureaucracy, just like in the usual company or governmental office. It gives something that can boost your mood since all employees are free to give something unique as long as it can get the job done.

Talking about good points while working in startup doesn’t mean you are free of bad points. Just like discussed, Startup takes your 24/7 time. It is not a joke but totally serious. You may work from home or anywhere, using t-shirt and short, but you have to be online whether by phone or laptop. Minimum by phone to solve simple problem.

Can you imagine when your boss call and ask some data on Sunday at 11 pm?

It must be annoying especially when you already fall asleep. Something quite disturbing but that is the fact you can’t avoid. Just do it and follow the rule. As long as, you get the job done.

Then, what is the worst thing to face?

Remember, you work in Startup which is new company and of course rely on too much from investor. Any funding from investor are totally needed for operational. Looks sad but that is the fact. That is why it is called startup, using word “start” means it just begins.


If depend on investor, then what if something happen is not accordance with their wish? The investor will intervene to fix any problems. Even, it is possible to do layoff policy, at least to save up the money and set the right direction.

Layoff means no guarantee for each of you to be saved. Usually if you work hard and give the best, you will survive. But sometimes it is not a benchmark. They probably look at salary amount, job performance and probably close relation to them.

So what to do then?

If really happens, you just need to find new place for you. Start applying to other startups, if you still want to work in this situation or get to private companies. Do you say the world is cruel? Yes, because in the working area, people come and go is something we need to get used to.

However, give the best. Even though you will be fired or not, always be professional since you get salary and maybe benefits from the startup so far. You may try to find new job, but you still in this place and so many responsibilities should be done.

Finally, wherever place you work, you are probably to be fired because something is not certain. Especially if working in startup. Bigger possibility to be laid off. That is why you have to be ready for anything could happen such as always have plan B. But keep doing the best because you are professional and what you have done, will be remembered and rewarded in this place or somewhere else.

Agree? Want to have discuss. Come on!



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