Startup Bubble is not the end but just an important step

It has been popular nowadays about Startup Bubble, a condition where Startup forced to do layoff both in small or large number. Many people lost their job accidentally without any planning and it happened in the worldwide.

Investors who always provide the funding material, tend to hold. As you know, Startup relies too much on investor as they have no fund. That is why fund raising becomes quite popular to make them survive. The fact says dependency is bad thing. Need to wait shorter or longer until Startup Bubble come in.

Besides, most of startup try to freeze on recruiting new talents. Of course, after doing layoff, they should survive with remaining employees and unable to get new one. It becomes challenge too for employee to get new job after being laying off.

Many people think Startup Bubble is the end of startup. There will be no longer startup in the long term. But actually it is not totally wrong. Perhaps some startup dead or got bankruptcy but the other still survive using their last available resources.

It means not all impacted by this Startup Bubble. There are still hopes. It can say as an important step on business cycle. Benefit is the main target but business should go through so many challenges like up and down.

from The Business Cycle (

Perhaps the unique point of startup life is growing too fast at the beginning. It makes sense since they want to get awareness from the customer by burning money more and more until Startup Bubble occurs.

Afterwards, layoff and others, the startup tried to run the company to get more benefits. It can be decreasing voucher amount, not as bigger as before. Slow growth becomes their main target currently as long as they get profit, not just revenue. Remember, business means profit.

In the long term, there will be some startup survive and become bigger, after Startup Bubble come. Focus on benefit with slow growth makes everyone including the employees to participate more.

So, it is not frightening to work in Startup even after Startup Bubble. Because it is just an important step on doing business. Up and down cycle is normal, it should be.

If you are still in your company, keep and do it better. Startup Bubble is not the end, just an important step to be much better.

But if you are now looking for the new job, hopefully can get the better both in Startup or not.

Good luck!



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