Unique and great journey, from Airlines Company to be Air Asia Super App

Air Asia focused only on its airline and service for several years. It has been famous and popular airline especially for low cost carrier since the price is lower compared to the others. As an airline with hub in Kuala Lumpur, it becomes Malaysian symbol for tourism, of course. But something big is coming, there is AirAsia Super App.

AirAsia Super App created a lot of jobs and supported more than 3,000 SMEs in Malaysia. There is also office training center in Kuala Lumpur and it offers affordable digital and tech training courses to equip employees, SMEs and public members.

from Airasia Super App Tawar Perkhidmatan ‘Free Delivery’ Tanpa Had (verst.com.my)

As competition never sleeps, Air Asia also try to fight and give the best for their customers. Air Asia Super App is something amazing to launch by this airline company.

The AirAsia Super App is for booking flights, hotels, travel packages and activities, shopping for branded products, find some food or just looking for the best deals in town. It will become Asean Super App and of course Air Asia should be famous not only for low cost carrier but also for daily needs.

While many people still think that AirAsia is leading low cost airline, AirAsia Super App already spreads to neighbor countries such as Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. The movement means a big thing, successfully change the crisis to be an opportunity and it focuses on increasing new non airline revenue streams in the key areas of e-commerce, fintech and logistics.

AirAsia Super App of course will take much more than before. So far, a lot of loyal customers who loves to travel in low budget and by adding more service such as this App, the customers become much more loyal.

Probably, title of the world’s best low cost airline can be added to be world’s best Super App. Who knows?

This is amazing and unique journey of AirAsia Super App.



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