What happen with Startup layoff?

Winter is coming. A statement with deep meaning for startup layoff currently. It sounds a bit frightening because some people get sacked even without prior notice. No matter high or low performance staff, this layoff can happen to everyone in the startup randomly.

Working in Startup feels like working at place where you have to adapt dynamically and quickly as many things easily changed. It leads to something that could be happened such as Startup layoff happening at this time. None wants this happen but the fact says yes.

from Life After a Layoff | Comstock’s magazine (comstocksmag.com)

What does it feel?

Of course it makes employee to be totally shocked since they work as usual without bad performance and keep in high quality job, but they have to accept that the working period at the company is over. Startup layoff can’t be unbearable.

Imagine you did nothing wrong but you receive very very bad final score. Would you like to accept? Of course no but the rule makes you accept as you have no power. Sounds pity but this is life.

How can Startup layoff happen?

As usual, Startup lives from investor budget and they always look for growth and revenue. Sounds good for the beginning? Yes but in the long term, anyone needs something called profit, thing that Startup barely reach and it potentially push to Startup layoff.

They tend to give promo, discount or cashback to attract more users and of course it makes people as its customer rely on those things. Go on low price and leave on high price. This habit can’t be changed except they have great name and people depend on their service compared to the promo and many more.

Startup layoff usually becomes main choice to solve their budgeting problem. Layoff means they can save up easily than other options to choose.

What should to prepare?

Working in Startup of course looks different compared to work in the company. Besides flexible time and more benefits, there are some things to be aware such as Startup layoff as the worst thing.

It means Startup employee should always give the best performance because it will keep the quality to apply somewhere else if Startup layoff accidentally occur. Keep learning and keep doing the best for better future.

So, you still want to learn and work in Startup? You always get freedom when working here and your ideas are really appreciated. But never be careless. Remember to be flexible for job or maybe for finding new job.

Get ready for all!



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