What languages should I learn?

Ikhsan Bani Bukhori
2 min readFeb 7, 2022

When you asked yourself or your friend about it, then the answer usually must be English, because of international language. Is it true? How about the asker is native English speaker?

English is a something normal to have, no more skills especially for you, non-native English speaker. Why not so special anymore if you are able to speak fluently? Currently you can learn English from anywhere, such as social media, language applications, discuss with friend and so on. It means, this language is not so special if you master it.

from https://begin.babbel.com/

So, what languages need to learn?

How to check from UN languages other than English. There are French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Arabic. Take one by one to learn and probably you learn another one from the list. It is quite important because so many native speaker, or you can say these 6 UN languages has big speaker in the world, whether for native or second language.

What if the others?

Are you interested to learn other than UN languages? No problem, but you may learn languages with less native speaker than those UN’s. Probably you like K-Pop then you choose to learn Korean. You always watch Manga movies and it leads you to know more about Japanese. Or probably you are fans of Bayern Munich then German will be your choice.

Learning languages are quite crucial because it shows your skill and you may have more connection in native speaker. Besides, you may become a polyglot, a man who can speak more than a language fluently.

Mastering language also gives you chance to work anywhere based on language you are able to speak. It sounds simple but actually will be fabulous skill to have. If you are not interested now, it is okay. But you may find it is useful after looking at your friends who enjoy their life by using their languages.

As you know, one language is good, two is better and more languages will be much better. Probably for you who are not English native speaker, you need to learn English and more languages. But if you are native speaker, you may learn one language and more will be good.

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