Working in Startup for avoiding complicated bureaucracy?

People who working in Startup usually are youth. Probably 20–40 years old if talking about the age. It means so many booster to work without complicated bureaucracy. But why?

What happen with bureaucracy?

If you have experiences in working for corporate or even governmental area, one thing you should never ignore. Follow the bureaucracy without any complains. Even when you think, it doesn’t make sense, keep doing it. Something never happened if you choose working in Startup, right?

So many things are created in a rule and you should follow. Besides, there are so many seniors who claim their experiences are the best things to solve the problems, without looking at current conditions, something becomes crucial for anyone working in Startup.

Complicated bureaucracy fits for who don’t want to thing outside the box, as long as the job done in punctual. Even, the employee want to change the method, they are already afraid of being rejected by the senior employee. So? Do it again and again until you resigned. Looks funny?

from Reduced Bureaucracy | 9m Consulting

Look at this, something never found when working in Startup. Here the employee are permitted to share their method or something that can give the better result. Even the manager will not directly reject, but there is a discussion to find the better way.

For example, you are facing problem A. Then you can find B, C, D or the other methods to finish as long as be on time and has good result. Compared to most corporate or governmental area, you have to face problem A with method B. No more C, D or others.

But again, it didn’t happen in all companies. Fortunately some tried to copy Startup tips and trick to solve the problem. Probably it makes you feel like work in Startup. The bureaucracy is solved by several methods according to experience, current condition and predictions, since those are quite important to get it done.

Finally, working in Startup can be good choice for you if you want to get more simple bureaucracy, instead of complicated one. But if you still want to work in corporate with simple condition, there are so many places available for you.

So, do you want to work in startup? till in corporate? or even governmental?

The getting simpler bureaucracy, the better job you will finish.

Enjoy your time and give the best!



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