Learn more languages other than English will be great for you

Ikhsan Bani Bukhori
3 min readMar 23, 2022

The title looks a bit underrating but this is the fact. You should learn language other than English. It is not to make anyone disturbed, but just an opinion that mastering more languages will be great skill and of course you can enjoy because of your ability.

Years or maybe decades ago, able to speak English means you have great skill. You can communicate anywhere in the world for working, studying and even traveling.

If you are not from English speaking country, you should learn the language. But people from there shouldn’t to learn language since their language is used internationally. It sounds easy for them who already fluent in speaking.

Nowadays, people tend to learn more languages other than English because they think it will be amazing soft skill to have. That’s why there are so many Polyglot community that focusing on learning new languages, any languages, no restriction.

Polyglot is a person who speaks, writes, or reads a number of languages.

What does it mean?

People try to learn more languages that sounds interesting for them. Of course, usually English used as communication language when they meet up. This community has some expert of certain languages and they open to teach people who interested to learn the language.

What are languages available?

To be honest, it should be any languages and no limitation. Usually there are UN official language such as French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Arabic. Of course English is out of the list. Other languages? You may find German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Hindi and so on.

from https://lifehacker.com/

Looks interesting? You are free to learn languages. What if you are not confident to learn? It will be more powerful when you have some interests to a country.

For instance, you like to watch Manga, means you can learn Japanese easily. Or you are Kebab lovers which means Kebab can be your mood booster to learn Turkish. K-Pop lovers? Of course Korean will be easier to learn.

So many reasons to learn more languages, so you don’t stop at English only. Even you can be special if you are not from English speaking country. For example you are Indonesian. At least you can speak Indonesian and local language (available in some countries), then you learn English and French. Guess it, 4 languages? Congratulations, you are a Polyglot now!

What if you are Australian who speak only English? Find more languages which interest you and learn it. At least you will be able to speak in two languages. It is not wasting time at all, even it is a new weapon for the future.

One more, it is no more amazing if you speak only English. It is normal currently. Then you need to be above normal by learning other languages.

So, what languages are you interested to learn and master?

Let discuss here!