Trust me about benefits of learning foreign languages

Ikhsan Bani Bukhori
2 min readApr 3, 2022

Talking about languages usually means a lot of positive things especially if you are able to speak several. Since there are a lot of foreign languages, even with different alphabet in several area such as Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa, it makes it a great challenge to face.

Currently English is well known as international language means you can this language wherever you are in the world. It sounds good at the beginning, doesn’t it? But you have to focus on a thing. It is still foreign language and not everyone speak English and they may appreciate you more if you can speak their languages. Really?

What are benefits of learning foreign languages?

If you can speak more foreign languages, means you have easier communication even in simple language such as “Thank you”, “Please” and so on. Never underestimate these words since it will help you a lot.

For example you have a project in China then you say “Xie xie” after being assisted by the locals. Look at their expression, they will smile to you and appreciate your effort in speaking Chinese. You should have deeper feeling with the locals

“It’s comforting when traveling to foreign countries and being able to speak their language — the locals appreciate it and make you feel more at home.

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Besides, you can be a polyglot , people who speak many foreign languages and already have community in your country. Being polyglot gives you something fun because you can think a condition in more than a language. Perhaps it is a challenge at beginning, but it becomes something special after getting used to.

Then you can feel more about your own culture and neighbors. History and heritage are usually easy to check if you have ability on that language.

There are popular words

you can’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been

It means languages provide you that journey. This is your time. Learn more about your own culture before new foreign languages and understand more.

Interesting to learn?

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